A ex ohio judge was dragged out of court after his conviction

A ex-ohio judge was dragged out of court after his conviction to six-month jail. ANd courtroom erupted Monday after former ex-judge convection.

A former youth judge a Democrat who took the siege after being declared the winner of a 2010 election dispute, was jailed Monday. And had to be evacuated from the Cincinnati courtroom, according to reports.

An officer with his arms under the accused’s shoulders pushed Tracie Hunter through the courtroom after she relaxed. The supporters stood up and yelled with anger, and the police intercepted a woman who had tried to run towards her.

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Other demonstrations took place in front of the Hamilton County Courthouse and civil rights activists said there would be boycotts or other protest actions.

Judge Patrick Dinkelacker of Hamilton County sentenced him to six months in prison after a contentious hearing. in which he read a postcard containing critical comments sent to his home in support of Hunter. He called them an intimidation attempt that “falls flat

FOX19 reported that Dinkelacker read a letter from prosecutor Joe Deters saying that Hunter “never showed remorse”.

The prosecutor also added in his letter that “he thinks she has a health problem”.

Deters, a Republican, suggested doing a medical assessment, the media reported.

Sheriff Jim Neil, a Democrat, said Monday afternoon that Hunter would remain at the prison’s medical centre, under the supervision of health professionals and security personnel.

A ex ohio judge was dragged out of court after his conviction six-month jail

” And one more thing Ms Hunter’s well-being and safety will be my number one priority,” Neil said in a statement or adding that her staff would assess her eligibility for early-bird programs.

Defence counsel David Singleton said Hunter had already endured years of uncertainty and lost his job and license because of what he called an unfair conviction and a disproportionate sentence.

“I can not believe that dissents would ask to be evaluated, and there is no problem that it is neither competent nor comprehensive.” Absolutely not, “he said, as FOX19 reported.

“He would get up every morning without knowing if it would be the day he would go to jail,” Hunter’s lawyer added. “I know the impact it has had on your life. We think it would be deeply unfair and unjust to waste taxpayers’ money if she were imprisoned, even for a minute. ”

He said he had to take care of his elderly mother.

Hunter, 52, went to several courts to challenge his conviction and sentence in 2014 for a serious crime of illegal interest in a public contract, which accused him of providing his brother with a confidential document at a disciplinary hearing. . in your judicial work.

A federal judge rejected in May his attempt to avoid prison.

She had been tried on other charges that had been dropped because the jurors had failed to agree on the verdict.

Hunter’s lawyers argued that the charges against her were political in nature.

The dissidents also asked Republican Governor Mike DeWine to consider commuting his sentence. However, DeWine spokesman Dan Tierney said Monday afternoon that the office had not received a request for mercy from Hunter, the Associated


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