A Right time for Imran Khan to Stay Away From Badmashia

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Imran khan to stay away from Badmashia

Breaking news is that Imran khan is the man who can bring presidential system in a new way for the progress of Pakistan. And it is the right moment for the upcoming change with new system.

Other thing is that badmashia is taking hum away from right direction.Now we are telling about this first both choices are rather toxic fans often abusive show…

blind and cult like devotion to demigod. And Imran khan critics often scornful reserve instinctive pathologic malice for every syllable .

Imran khan is the one of the most person who thing about Pakistan and their people and they deeply polarize conversation about him and jeopardize and fair.

Dispute none of the above

Imran khan said that my question is very basic fit to lead a highly and challenging polity like Pakistan and his acolytes consider this not a question but and affront.

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