Bharat movie Salman khan first look & trailer

Bharat movie Salman khan first look & trailer

Bharat movie Salman Khan first look & trailer

idealnewstv delivers trailer Bharat movie Salman Khan first look & trailer. click here and see Salman Khan first look in this movie.

Salman Khan first look and trailer & teaser

2019 most famous upcoming movie Bharat is a journey of a man and a nation together and at the cusp of India birth as an independent nation.

And one thing is his family make an arduous journey to freedom. and this freedom comes at a cost. most big thing 8-year-old Bharat makes a promise to his father that he will keep his family together.

• release date:                  June 5, 2019

• Director:                          Ali Abbas Zafar

•Movie Producers:                        Salman Khan, Atul Agnihotri,Bhushan Kumar and Alvira Khan

• Film Production companies:      T series Salman Khan film

• Music composed by:          Vishal Shekhar, Julius

Movie details

In this movie, Salman Khan Bharat is one of the most anticipated films of 2019. the most important thing with a few days left releasing the official trailer and Salman Khan gave a treat to his fans by sharing his first look of upcoming movie Bharat.

Bharat movie Salman khan role a 53-year-old man and share a poster on social media and wrote. jitney saved Baal mere Sar or dhaadi Mein Hain use Kahin Zada rangeen meri Zindagi Rahi Hain dialogue on Bharat movie.

First time of the film Salman Khan has gone grey for a movie and the film. which also stars Katrina Kaif as the female lead will see salam and Katrina in five different looks which will showcase their journey age 18 to 60.

Earlier release this fil teaser and after some days release the official trailer of upcoming new Salman Khan and katirana kaif Bharat Hindi movie. And the teaser portrayed Salman Khan in rather younger version performing stunts on child motorcycle.

Main thing show in the poster is that Jackie Shroff along with his wife running away with their children. which symbolizes the partition period the country went through and the other thing is that this film will show the journey of the country from its early days.

Role of Katrina Kaif had revealed that the trailer of the film will be out on April 24. and the film also happened to be the second collaborating between Salma Khan and Katrina Kaif with the director Ali Abbas.

Poster of the film also shows that Jackie Shroff in the backdrop and the actor playing Salman Khan’s dad role in this the main thing is that this movie is amazing in the high top movie this year.

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