Book of Shahid Afridi Game Changer has Changed Everything

Book of Shahid Afridi Game Changer has Changed Everything

Book of Shahid Afridi Game Changer has Changed Everything

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Book of Shahid Afridi Game Changer has changed everything read full details

The latest news is that Shahid Afridi throughout his cricket career has been known as a force to reckon. And the other thing he recently launched biography about game changer and the other thing is he was being called to bring about the unseen side of Afridi for his fans.

And the other main thing as the title suggests the revelations made about Pakistan cricket and he put forward the ups and downs of Shahid Afridi for his fans.

In this biography here are some excerpts from shaded agarita in this book game changer take a dig at former Pakistani biggest revealing the account of many cricket campaign.

And the other thing is that the first shock to receive is about Shahid Afridi correct age and the other one he reveals about his age stating. and I were just nineteen and not sixteen as they claim in the book game changer.

He told more thing is that I was born in 1975 so yes the authorities stated my age incorrectly.

Game changer shahid Afridi book

Shahid Afridi shares his views on the nightmarish 03 world cup campaign and in particular, on the leadership of Waqar Younis, he said in the book. He also tells that in his view Pakistan lacked unity and there was a change in the chain of command and Waqar. the new man at the helm was, unfortunately, a terrible captain.

The former captain of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi says he couldn’t hold the team together and he couldn’t fight off the politics inside the dressing room. And he also said thank you, Waqar Younes, himself was responsible for much of it. there was no leadership in this team.

Book of Shahid Afridi Game Changer has Changed Everything

Shahid Afridi contemplates that with Wasim Akram in the side many players including Rashid Latif and Inzamam and Saeed Anwar were in favour of Wasim being the captain. The former caption of Pakistan cricket team said that this is because the war did not have control over the team and neither he inspired the whole team member.

Former captain Shahid Afridi expose everything

Also telling one thing consequently there was a war between the Wasim and Waqar and he said both Wasim and Waqar were fighting hard for the throne. And the other thing most of the team wanted Wasim to be the captain and he did lead them for a while.

The former Pakistani team captain said Afridi also talk about the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. in this book game changer saying that he never got personal with any player and he said actually didn’t like too many who played under him. He tells the one thing he is running his cabinet in the same way he used to take his team up to.

Book of Shahid Afridi Game Changer has Changed Everything

In this situation, he applauded his efforts for peace with neighbour India and idea for Naya Pakistan.  He said from his peace overtures

(  I quote his first speech about Pakistan talking two steps toward peace if the Indian take one step and also said the approach I personality believed in too ).

After that, he said that to opening the kartarpur corridor and releasing the Indian air force pilot shot sown bt Pakistanis in February 2019 peaceful relation with India are essential.

The former captain said Afridi who is known for hitting the ball out of park did the same with his autobiography game changer giving a thriller to his fans.

Book of Shahid Afridi Game Changer has Changed Everything








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