Breaking News NAB shows arrest warrant for Hamza Shahbaz

Breaking News NAB shows arrest warrant for Hamza Shahbaz

Breaking News NAB shows arrest warrant for Hamza Shahbaz

idealnewstv deliver Breaking News NAB shows arrest warrant for Hamza Shahbaz. For more details about Hamza Shahbaz click here and see now real matter about this.

NAB show arrest Warrant for hamza shabaz news

Latest news is that Punjab assembly opposition leader hamza shehbaz on Friday lashed out at the government and national accountability Bureau.

When the NAB team tell him about its arrest warrant a raid on his family on the model town then all member of PMLN gather and roadblock.

Today a NAB tea, conducted a raid on the 96-H house believed ti ve shebaz residence because NAB team said he legally order to arrest him then he shows arrest warrant on people and media.

After that NAB in a press release issued after the incident said that its Lahore team armed with arrest warrants for Hamza Shahbaz Shareef. Then raided the residence to take him into custody. In the assets beyond the case of money laundering.

One more news is that the press release notes that the supreme court has made it very clear that NAB doesn’t need to inform suspects prior to when the arrest warrant is issued.

And said that Hamza guard had beaten a member of the NAB team tore their cloth and this all the situation live on media and see all people.

and the other thing is that the NAB statement, therefore, there has been a clear violation of the law by the Hamza Shahbaz and their guards

Felt like we are terrorists

IN press conference Hamza Shahbaz said that following the incident he had felt like a terrorist because of the way NAB had raided the residence and cover the home and everything with police.

The sanctity of the home was violated he said we are Pakistani for the first time I felt like we terrorist he said in a press conference

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