Happy mothers day best wishes and quotes 2019

happy mothers day best wishes and quotes 2019

Happy mothers day best wishes and quotes 2019

On this special day this mother’s day acknowledges here countless sacrifices and give love and affection.happy mothers day best wishes and quotes 2019.on this day spend time with your mother and hearty conversation. and another thing if you are in a different city. Then at least give her a call and send her one of these heartfelt messages on May 12.


12 May 2019 on this special day we provide something for you.happy mothers day best wishes and quotes 2019.

“GOD could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”

One main thing is that the mother plays an important role in our lives. And they never fall short of pampering their children and showing with unconditional love and support.

A Mom Like you I could never replace
your actions and words are full of grace
you are truly a treasure so I’m writing to say
I hope you have a lovely <other’s day
I love you, Mom!

Happy mothers day best wishes and quotes 2019
happy mother days quotes and best wishes

M =>   is for Marvelous
O   =>            is for Open
T => is for Trustworthy
H =>            is for Honest
E =>         is for Elegant
R =>       is for Reliable
Happy mother’s day I love you Mom

Happy mothers day best wishes and quotes 2019
Happy mother days

With zeal and courage, you fought for us. And you are so special to us Mom. Wish you a very happy mother’s day. One thing is in my entire life I haven’t met a lady as elegantly beautiful and lovely as you. I love you a lot of mom. And the main thing is that every second that my heart beats it reminds me that you gave me life. And I should cherish you.

For mother day quotes

“You’re my one and only mom.and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you”

“Of all the moms in all the world.nothing bring me more happiness than to know you’re mine”

“Mother is a walking miracle you see and admire every day”

“You are the precious gift that GOD has gifted me.Happy mother’s day Mom stay blessed”

Happy mothers day best wishes and quotes 2019
Happy mother’s day

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