Jessica’s Twitter hacked homophobic and racist messages

Jessica’s Twitter hacked homophobic and racist messages. A hacker posted hateful tweets and fans of actress Jessica Alba’s account this weekend.

Among the messages published in the account of the founder of Honest Co., there was one that said: “Nazi Germany did nothing wrong and it is in God Na.
Another reading, “ugh mermaid cops in the distance again.” When will he stop committing crimes so that he can sleep a little?

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Others have offered to pay $ 50,000 to kill homosexuals with disabilities.

Fortunately, the messages were removed from the 38-year-old beauty account early Sunday, once the hacking was discovered.

Alba is a Trolling prisoner on Twitter, a novelty for Alba, who previously lamented being the target of a different kind of harassment: the sexual advances of older men.

Jessica’s Twitter hacked homophobic messages, etc

She said at the Goop Health Summit in May: “I had to be ashamed if I tried men, and then I stopped eating a lot when I became an actress. child, so as not to attract so much attention.

She added that she felt “harassed” by men when she started.
and one thing is more Yet he said nothing succeeds in this business, it’s easy … You can not be bitter.”



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