Seizure of an Iranian tanker the United Kingdom does not give up

Seizure of an Iranian tanker. On Friday the Chancellor told the BBC that the British government was not releasing the ball for the seizure of a tanker flying the flag of the United Kingdom in the Gulf, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Philip Hammond said the UK is working closely with partners in the United States and Europe in response to Iran’s actions.

But former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith said the capture of Stena Impero was a “big failure” for the UK.

Theresa May will chair a meeting of the Cobra Emergency Response Committee on Monday to discuss the issue.

The Iranian Foreign Minister said that only “prudence and foresight” would reduce tensions between Iran and Britain.

The 23 crew members, who are Indians, Russians, Latvians and Filipinos, have now been unloaded from the ship to “interrogate” them, Press TV reported in Iran.

The charts showing that the ship was in Omani waters when he was captured show that his seizure was “a flagrant violation of international law,” said the British Chamber of Shipping.

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The United Kingdom has accused Iran of “unacceptable and very inappropriate” acts in a letter to the President of the United Nations Security Council.

What did UK politicians say?
Speaking about the BBC’s Andrew Marr program, Hammond said the UK would seek “all possible diplomatic channels” to resolve the situation.

He added that sanctions, including financial, against Iran were already in place and it was difficult to know what else could be done.

Hammond, who announced his intention to resign if Boris Johnson became prime minister, added: “Of course, we are looking at all options.”

But Duncan Smith told the BBC that there are questions to ask about the behaviour of the British government.

He said the arrest of an oil tanker carrying Iranian oil two weeks earlier should have served as a warning to British Gulf vessels in need of protection.



The member said he understood that EE. UU He had offered the UK “assets” to support his shipment and they were not accepted.

“This is a great failure and the government must respond to this accusation very quickly.”

Defense Minister Tobias Ellwood told Sky that the Royal Navy was too small to manage the UK’s interests around the world without neglecting the protection of its ships.

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said earlier that Iran saw this as “an irreproachable situation” but that “nothing could be further from the truth”.

Seizure of an Iranian tanker the United Kingdom does not give up and etc

Petty Justice Labor Minister Richard Burgon said the UK should avoid becoming “comrades” of Donald Trump and warned that a US-backed conflict with Iran could be worse than the war in Iraq.

What happened?
On Friday, Stena Impero was captured by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Strait of Hormuz, after Tehran said it “violates international maritime standards”.

A second oil tanker, the British-owned MV Mesdar, was also approached by armed guards but was released.

The video published by the Fars news agency, affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, shows the time at which the tanker was attacked.

HMS Montrose was alerted but was too far away to stop the seizure.

A recording of radio exchanges between a Royal Navy frigate and the Iranian Armed Forces ships just prior to the seizure of the ship was also published.

In the registration, an Iranian ship tells HMS Montrose that it wants to inspect the Stena Impero for safety reasons.

Iran’s IRNA news agency, IRNA, said the tanker was seized after striking a fishing boat and not responding to calls from the small vessel.

But Hunt said he was captured in Omani waters in “flagrant violation of international law” and forced to visit the port of Bandar Abbas in Iran.

The owner of the tanker, Stena Bulk, said that she had formally requested to visit the crew members.

A family member of an Indian crew member aboard Stena Impero told the BBC on Sunday that the family was worried and had not received any messages from her since the boat stopped.

The seizure of Stena Impero comes two weeks after the Royal Marines helped seize the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 in Gibraltar.


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