Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will not face sexual assault charges in Las Vegas

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will not face sexual assault charges in Las Vegas. The Clark County District Attorney’s office said Monday. The allegations which were first made in 2009 cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt the office said in a statement.

LAS VEGAS (AP) – Cristiano Ronaldo will not face criminal charges after a woman accused the football star of raping her in a hotel suite in Las Vegas. more than 10 years ago years announced Monday a prosecutor.

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A new police investigation in Las Vegas did not show that Kathryn Mayorga’s claim could be proven at trial without a reasonable doubt. said Clark County Attorney Steve Wolfson

Therefore, there will be no charges,” Wolfson said in a statement.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The decision represents a victory in one of two legal tracks related to the 2009 indictment against one of the most recognizable and best-paid players in the sport.

In a lawsuit still pending in federal court, the mayor said she was forced to sign a silence agreement in exchange for $ 375,000. His lawyers want to cancel the deal and collect at least an additional $ 200,000 from Ronaldo.

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will not face sexual assault charges in Las Vegas in interview

Ronaldo’s lawyers acknowledged that the football star and Mayorga had consensual sex in June 2009, but denied that it was a rape. Attorney Peter Christiansen was travelling Monday and was not immediately available to comment.

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Cristiano Ronaldo rape case

The lawyers of Mayorga, a former model and teacher, did not immediately respond to telephone, textual or electronic messages.

The Associated Press does not usually name people who claim to be victims of sexual assault, but Mayorga has given consent through his attorneys for his name to be made public.

In his trial, he allegedly met Ronaldo in a nightclub and accompanied him, along with others, to his suite at Hotel Palms, where he allegedly attacked him in a bedroom.

She then signed a confidentiality agreement under the pressure of “repairers” who were trying to protect Ronaldo’s reputation, said his lawyer, Leslie Mark Stovall.

The trial in the US District Court. UU. In Las Vegas, he accuses Ronaldo or his collaborators of conspiracy, defamation, breach of contract, coercion and fraud for allegedly authorizing the publication of the terms of the agreement in European publications.

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Famous football players

His lawyers say Mayorga never wanted them to disclose his name, but he feared being identified after a media report in 2017 apparently referred to the meeting.

His lawyers have stated in federal court documents that they have a hard time personally serving legal documents to Ronaldo. A judge gave them a deadline of October 28th.

Ronaldo plays in Italy for the football club of Turin, Juventus. He had previously played for Manchester United in England and Real Madrid in Spain. where he had won a record sum of 94 million euros, or about 130 million dollars.

Mayorga underwent a medical examination to collect DNA tests soon after stating that Ronaldo had assaulted her.

Police closed the investigation in 2009 because Mayorga had not identified his attacker by name or indicated the location of the alleged violation. said Wolfson, the Las Vegas-elected prosecutor.

Police said she identified her attacker solely as a European footballer

As a result, the police have not … been able to conduct a serious investigation. said Wolfson. “The detectives were unable to search for and confiscate essential forensic evidence.

And a video showing the victim’s interaction with the perpetrator before and after the alleged crime was lost.

The investigation was reopened last year at the request of Mayorga’s lawyers, shortly before Ronaldo’s lawsuit. She spoke again to the police and the authorities this year obtained a sample of Ronaldo’s DNA through the Italian authorities.

The police did not immediately respond to the messages on the case on Monday.




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