Summer Face Packs to Protect Your Skin From Heat and Tan

Summer Face Packs to Protect Your Skin From Heat and Tan

Summer Face Packs to Protect Your Skin From Heat and Tan

Beauty tips during summer when your skin remain open to the sun.Summer Face Packs to Protect Your Skin From Heat and Tan. And there will be an exclusive way through which you can protect your skin.

Summer days people are mostly considering home remedies in order to stay away from a variety of skin problem. you must go ahead with the home remedies and face packs made up herbs to protect the skin.

The main thing this is also a wonderful way to stay from home all types of harmful cosmetics. And another thing that is available in the market. you can easily choose among the list of home remedies and adapt for your skin.

Summer Face Packs to Protect Your Skin From Heat and Tan 2019

Multani Mitti face pack

It is one of the best and powerful ingredients in the world of cosmetics. And you may also call it as fuller’eath.

Multani Mitti has the potential to clean the dirty skin and dry skin. and you also do batter use rose water with it to moisturize your skin.

Mix these two components and apply them to face.after was your face it becomes dry you can rinse the face. your face looks fresh and smooth.

Banana and Papaya

Can you know that that’s these two are nutritional foods? if you are using for skin they give you the best solution.

for using smash the banana and papaya to make your paste. And add some honey into this paste. when your pack is ready. you can apply easily to all over the facial skin.

if you want more batter result then you can rely on this pack. And the oil content of your skin will be controlled with a pack. that is the best summer for because your face looks smoothing and glowing.

Honey & egg

if you want to use egg the egg contains lots of healthy nutrients that are good for your skin. it’s not good for your skin you can use egg on own your hair and overall condition.

Prepare the face mask you can add some honey and white egg & lime juice. These three components work effectively to make your skin beautiful and oil free.

Rice flour and Turmeric

Mix to these two ingredients and you can blend cucumber juice to honey for better result. and the other thing three tablespoons of flour should be blended with a little amount of can increase the amount of apply paste on different parts of your body.

Watermelon cucumber and Yogurt

can you know that watermelon contains multivitamins? you know as ninety-three per cent of this fruit comprise water. And it also helps in the hydration of the skin.

The main thing it also Protects your skin from different skin issue you faces. Mix these things and create a mask containing this fruit give the radiant face and soothing sensation.

watermelon sap and Yogurt cucumber juice and powder milk. Apply these mask to face and wash your face after twenty minutes.

Simply mil pack

This is the best way to protect your skin. and the raw milk extracted cow has a wonderful of cleansing mil. The main thing is that this will clear your tan layer and beat the effect of heat.

how to use? you have to Dip catton inside milk container and pick it out. now apply to own your face slowly solwely. wait it dry and wash your face with cold water.

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Fresh Tomato juice

Tomato? If you have a tomato at home nothing will be better then this. It carries great to remove sun tan layer from your skin.

you can apply tomato to your skin easily. when you back home where you have to face scorching sun rays. Then take a tomato and have a slice of it where you can get a good amount of juice.

Now you do the main thing Rub the juicy part over your skin where you have formed the sun tan.when you apply your skin you may find some burning sensation over your skin. you don’t worry about it as this will be over by 5 to 6 minute.

one thing if you feel the sensation that means the natural ingredient is working. now remove your suntan keep this 10 minute. Then wash your face with cold water.

Mint and Turmeric Pack

During the summer every one wishes to look cool and beautiful and soothing. and the particular face pack and skin appears really cool.

You know Turmeric has antibacterial properties and the mint will keep your skin stay cool.

if you want better result then the combination of both will be refreshing. you need one thing to take a handful of mint leaves a pinch of turmeric and warm water. when it dry then wash your face with cold water.


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