The Interesting Moment The Way Asad Umar Resigned


The Interesting Moment The Way Asad Umar Resigned

Idealnewstv delivers the latest news The Interesting Moment The Way Asad Umar Resigned. Click here and see the real story way Asad Umar resigned.

Asad Umar Resigned see behind the scene

Breaking news is that the Asad Umar via twitter announced earlier that he has obtained the prime minister.

and consent to not take any cabinet position days after reports of a reshuffle in the cabinet were rubbished by information minister fawad Chaudhry.

The important thing as a part of a cabinet reshuffle prime minister desired that I take the energy minister portfolio instead of finance and he also said. However, I have obtained his consent to not take any cabinet position he said during the conference.

One more important thing is that Asad Umar ended his tweet by saying I strongly believed  Imran Khan PTI is the best hope for Pakistan and inshallah will make a Naya Pakistan as soon as.

The Interesting Moment The Way Asad Umar Resigned


And another thing is during the press conference Asad Umar who kept an upbeat demeanour and also said. He was asked to take the energy portfolio following a reshuffle in the cabinet during press conference

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He also said I met the prime minister this morning and convinced him that I did not want to take any portfolio and said. The PTI leader Imran Khan who served as finance minister for eight months.

During the announced to resigned he says this does not mean that I am not available to forward PTI vision for Naya Pakistan . and I  am will always be available to forward the interest of the country.

The main important thing he said during the press conference I came into politics so that I could do something for the betterment of the country I don’t know if there has been a conspiracy or not but all I know that my caption wants to see me in the role of the energy minister.

End of the press conference he said the new team will come and it will look at things with fresh eyes maybe they will come up with better decisions and either way they will need to given time.

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