The last chance for some Democratic aspirants

The last chance for some Democratic aspirants. AMY KLOBUCHAR MUST convince people who support her that they also need money. Julian Castro and Andrew Yang need to progress a little more in the polls.

Joe Biden has to convince a diverse group of Democratic voters that this is the best chance to defeat President Donald Trump, despite fears that he represents an older incarnation of the party. And many other presidential candidates are facing what could be their last chance to stay in the game.

The last chance for some Democratic aspirants and hopefuls

This week’s Democrat debates will probably indicate where the 20 candidates for debate (there are others who do not meet the criteria for debates) are on the issues facing the country. Race, medical care and the question of whether to accuse Trump are expected problems. Some competitors may also attract media attention and attract voters who could not attract attention during the election campaign.

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But most importantly, the two debates, Tuesday and Wednesday night in Detroit, will be a proof for the candidates at the moment when the inevitable abandonment of the ground begins to occur. Which ones can reach the threshold to qualify for the September debates in Houston? And can former vice president Biden convince voters that he is worthy of his leadership in the polls?

“Biden passes Mueller’s test, he has to perform well,” said Bob Shrum, director of USC Dornsife’s Center for the Political Future and veteran of many democratic campaigns, which means he must act under the pressure of his predecessor. Special Adviser Robert Mueller. last week. “It must also be prepared for the fact that it will be the pinnacle of the debate,” Shrum adds. “Everyone will pursue him.”

Biden stumbled into the final debate, apparently unprepared for an aggressive challenge by Senator Kamala Harris of California, about Biden’s history of transportation and desegregation. The exchange had the effect of raising Harris and perhaps highlighting Biden’s greater vulnerability: he is a 76-year-old white man seeking to become the candidate of a party increasingly populated by an electorate that is increasingly racially and ethnically diverse.

Who Are the Democrats Running for President?

The last chance for some Democratic aspirants

But Biden, with his working-class roots and his appeal to white voters in post-industrial states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio, now has what may be the trump card to become the presidential candidate: another, voters Democrats say Biden has the best chance of winning the general election.

A USC poll released on Monday led Biden to lead Democrats nationwide with 28% of the vote and alongside Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont (11%), Senator Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts ( every 10%) in a virtual tie for second place.

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When asked who had the best chance to beat Trump next year, Biden moves away from the group, with 55% of Democratic voters, regardless of who they actually support in the primaries, saying Biden is better positioned for homework. This includes about a third of Sanders, Harris and Warren’s supporters.

Biden has received good news in two recent polls from Quinnipiac University. A poll released on Monday shows the former vice president with 34 per cent of national Democratic votes, 12 points higher than July 2.

They are followed by Warren (15%), Harris (12%) and Sanders (11%). Biden also gets a majority (53%) of African-American Democrats and a plurality (34%) of voters in the primaries.

The Vice President is the only Democrat in a separate poll organized by Quinnipiac to beat Trump in Ohio, a long-time battleground state whose voting habits are increasingly Republican in recent years (all charges Republicans occupy elected positions throughout the state, with the exception of the US Senate seat held by Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown). The poll revealed that Biden would beat Trump in Buckeye State, 50 to 42 per cent.

“He’s really well prepared for Ohio,” said Peter Brown, Quinnipiac’s survey director, about Brant, who was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. “Ohio is a blue-collar state and, among the main contenders, it’s more of a blue-collar than the coastal crowd.”

For the rest of the pack, the challenge is to take the next step, in this case, qualify for the September debates. The National Democratic Committee has set stricter standards for this debate, requiring

Three candidates debated Tuesday: Ohio’s Tim Ryan, Montana’s Governor Steve Bullock and former Maryland Representative John Delaney have not reached any of the thresholds yet.

Senators Michael Bennet of Colorado and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, the mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio, or representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, are not the debates of Wednesday.

Three other candidates: Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, former Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania, and Miramar of Florida Mayor Wayne Messsam did not participate in this week’s discussions and did not qualify for September. Billionaire Tom Steyer recently announced his candidacy.

The debate qualifiers are likely to speed up the process of shrinking the field, says Shrum. “The presidential campaigns are not over, they are running out of money,” Shrum said. And in this case, the discussions will probably determine which candidates continue to receive cash injections.


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