The White House confirms Imran & Trump’s negotiations on July 22

The White House confirms Imran & Trump's negotiations on July 22

The White House confirms Imran & Trump’s negotiations on July 22

The White House confirms Imran & Trump’s negotiations on July 22. White House confirmed on Wednesday that US President Donald Trump will meet Prime Minister Imran Khan in his office on July 22. And their talks will focus on strengthening bilateral cooperation which will bring peace. stability and economic prosperity throughout the region.

Tuesday afternoon, the spokesman of the US State Department. UU., Morgan Ortagus, told reporters that the White House had not yet confirmed the visit, a statement that provoked great speculation about the nature and extent of the trip.

“President Donald J. Trump will welcome Prime Minister Imran Khan of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the White House on July 22, 2019,” a statement released by the White House Press Secretary’s office said.

“The visit will focus on strengthening cooperation between the United States and Pakistan to bring peace, stability and economic prosperity to a region that has experienced too much conflict,” the minister said.

The White House said that President Trump and Prime Minister Khan would discuss a series of issues, including “the fight against terrorism, defence, energy and trade”, with the aim of creating the conditions for peace in South Asia and a lasting partnership between the two countries. our two countries. ”

At the State Department briefing, Ms Ortagus was asked if she had a schedule of meetings with the Pakistani Prime Minister in Washington.

The White House confirms Imran & Trump’s negotiations on July 22 Imran meet to trump

“As far as I know, this has not been confirmed by the White House.” I know I read the same reports as you, but I would contact the White House to confirm or not this visit, “he said. she replied.

“We have nothing to announce here from the State Department,” he added.

In Islamabad, Foreign Ministry spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal warned against speculation that was not based on the visit.

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“We want to warn against speculation about the Prime Minister’s visit, we are in close contact with the US side,” said Dr Faisal in a tweet.

“Official announcements about such visits are made at the right time,” said the spokesman, commenting on the State Department’s response.

At a previous meeting, Faisal said that although the prime minister is travelling to Washington on July 22, as announced, the agenda for the Imran-Trump meeting is still ongoing.

In Washington, Zulfi Bukhari, the prime minister’s special assistant for Pakistanis overseas, said the difference between the White House statement and the State Department only showed that several departments were still finalizing the details of the visit.

Bukhari also stressed the close cooperation between the government’s administrative and defence branches. “It is good that the civilian government and the military are on the same wavelength on sensitive issues,” he said. “If there is cooperation, it is with our own army, we do not cooperate with the Indian army.”

According to media reports in Washington, the army chief and the new ISI chief executive could also accompany the prime minister to Washington. They are likely to discuss defence and security issues with their counterparts.

“At a public meeting at the Pakistan Embassy, ​​Bukhari said the prime minister intended to speak at a public meeting in Washington on July 21.” Pakistanis and Americans from all over the United States will attend this meeting in a large public hall. ”

Amir Wasim in Islamabad adds: In Pakistan, however, the opposition continued to criticize the government for the state department’s refusal to comment on the visit.

Marriyum Aurangzeb, PML-N’s secretary of information, tweeted a tip to the prime minister and asked him to “stay home” instead of making embarrassing statements about travelling abroad.

He asserted that the State Department’s position emphasized the difference between an “elected prime minister and prime minister” and between those who went abroad to attract investment to the country and those who surrendered. abroad with a “beggar bowl”.

Nafeesa Shah, the PPP’s information secretary, said the “chosen government” was constantly shaming the nation and the foreign ministry because of their incompetence.

He noted that the Russian government also denied having invited Prime Minister Khan to Moscow last week.



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