WWE Raw preview Two night Superstar Shake up begins

WWE Raw preview Two night Superstar Shake up begins

WWE Raw preview Two night Superstar Shake up begins

idealnewstv delivers latest sports WWE Raw preview Two night Superstar Shake up begins.click here and see the Monday night WWE RAW.

Monday night superstar shake up begins

Tonight is very special match on WWE RAW will be live from, bell center Montreal Canada this Monday 15 April 2019. And last week on RAW after Wrestle Mania WWE did some surprising thing and big match present on the stage and front of the people.

One more thing lars Sullivan debuted by attacking Kurt angel Lacey even attacked on buckeye last week. And the whole winner of all matches in this tournament Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston. Last week attacked Elias and many more.

So WWE RAW tonight present something special edition of Monday night 15,april 2019. The most important things is that the live directly from Canada  the superstar shake up will make the RAW more interesting and more enjoyable on Monday night.

The super star shake up 15,April 2015 Monday night

Now tonight WWE RAW present something special for audience and their first ever international superstar shake up 2019 Monday night. The main thing in this match is that firstly this match two night event firstly Monday night then at smack down.

If you remember last week rumored that international champion Finn baler and united state champion Samoa Geo will switch brands. And other thing is future of NXT superstar like Lars Sullivan and Lacey even will be decided on RAW.

Lacey Evans one again attacks Becky Lynch last week

On last week WWE RAW Lacey Evans attacked the man buckeye lynch back to back on RAW and smack down . so this Monday night Lacey Evans emerged as a new threat foe WWE RAW and smack down women championship.

Monday night Lashley next target?

Monday night 15,April 2019 bobby Lashley lost his intercontinental championship to the demon Finn baler at Wrestle Mania 35 on last week.so he took out his frustration on RAW after Wrestle Mania last week by destroying deem Ambrose on his final night

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