WWE Smackdown Highlights 30th April 2019

WWE Smackdown Highlights 30th April 2019

WWE Smackdown Highlights 30th April 2019

Idealnewstv delivers the latest sports WWE Smackdown Highlights 30th April 2019. Click here and see the highlights of yesterday live match in the smackdown.

Yesterday Smackdown Highlights 30th April 2019

Last night smackdown match WWE champion Kofi Kingston kicked off smackdown live and Micheel cole was already in the ring when he entered. And one important thing is that cole reminded us of the rollercoaster ride Kofi career has taken in the last few months before getting to the real issue Kevin Owens. For more important continue reading.

The main thing last week KO betrayed the new day and knocked out Kofi before stepping on his head while holding the championship belt. This is the amazing match last week and Kingston said that he thought ko could change but he was wrong.

In yesterday match the two arguing when Xavier woods attacked Owens from behind and KO hit a superkick and the other thing he talking wood down. In last night Kofi comes to rescue and KO retreated before the segment ended.


Last night Bayley VS Backy Lynch

The last night match Becky put Bayley in a headlock and then knocked her down and Bayley tired to counter but was thrown to the ground. And the other thing is that Bayley landed a clothesline and then a knee to the face but backy kicked out.

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