You do not need air conditioning with this innovative cooling device.

Air conditioning. Do not suffer from another long and hot summer. It is easy to use and will be fresh in a short period of time.

This Sumer is going to be hot. You’re ready?

Traditional air conditioners are obsolete. Their installation is expensive and their execution even more expensive. They are huge and noisy, difficult to clean and dangerous. You can not move them with you into the house or take them outside!

Another solution: the fans. They are cheaper, but they only blow in the air. And if the air is already too hot? In fact, you feel even worse when the warm air moves into your room! They are also strong.

For some of us, the hot weather is already starting to be a problem. It is also very difficult to sleep at night in a humid and charged air.

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thousands of people are now using a much cheaper alternative to cool off with the heat and purify their personal air.

With over a million units sold worldwide, this device is becoming one of the most popular devices of 2019. Everyone also wants this amazing summer box!

What are we talking about?

Discover the new AirFreez, an innovative alternative to air conditioning that refreshes you anyway! It is a perfect solution for very hot days and nights!


The AirFreez was designed by two Swiss engineers who were tired of suffering during the hot summers of their winter homes. They realized that air conditioners are extremely inefficient and that their use is very expensive. Engineers also discovered that none of the traditional air conditioning units was designed for travel.

They designed this ultra-compact, lightweight and portable air cooling box. It uses a very small fraction of electricity and all without sacrificing any of the major benefits of a superior air conditioning model.

It is small, easy to use and can refresh you in seconds!

People use them to cool and purify their air during these very hot and humid times: the results are incredible

How it works

It’s surprisingly easy to set up! Just plug it into an AC outlet or into a USB port (its power consumption is such that it can even work with a phone battery or laptop!).

Once you have done this, simply fill the built-in tank with 20 oz / 0.6 L of cold tap water.

Now, just press the power button and the instant cold air is here!

The orders are simply excellent, very easy to understand and elegant. The fresh, windy air of AirFreez looks natural and clean because it is!

How to buy an AirFreez
It’s super easy. You can buy it on the official website.

.The Airfree is perfect because…

What is the particularity of this little box?
The main benefits of AirFreez are its portability, price, health benefits and ease of use.

It’s not bigger than a lunch box. Combine this with a pocket solar panel or battery and you will probably get the world’s first wearable AC device.

We all know that traditional air conditioners are filled with dust, noxious mould and dangerous bacteria. Then you breathe this toxic mixture that causes you big health problems.

With your AirFreez, you can remove and wash the filter easily and safely. There is no need for an expensive air conditioning specialist to do it!


Airfree recommends replacing the filters every 6 months. You can order online for only $10.


And There Is One More Thing. The price is just amazing. and the other think Most AC units cost at least $300+ AND you have to pay for installation PLUS cover the expensive electricity bills each month. we all have bills to pay every month and don’t need more!

Airfree costs less than $100 (Actually $53 If you buy more than one here). No messy installation, no expensive electricity bills. the main thing is that For a Cooling unit of this quality this must be the single best price-quality AC unit there is!

Is it worth it?

important think Item of such quality for this price makes us definitely say YES. It’s portable, powerful, effective and cheap to run. Just think of the amazing sleep and comfort you can get with your AirFreez!


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