Youm e Takbeer May 28 is the day of pride for Pakistan

Youm e Takbeer celebrating national day in Pakistan 28 may nuclear test at Chagai-I and Chagai-II. Youm e Takbeer May 28 is the day of pride for Pakistan. And the tests made Pakistan the seventh nation to possess a nuclear weapon. Can you now? Pakistan is the first Muslim world nuclear power country in May 1998.

The other thing may 28 is a remarkable day in the history of Pakistan as on this day. and the country defence was invincible and Pakistan emerged as a nuclear power on the map of the world.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Youm E Takbeer May 28 Is The Day Of Pride For Pakistan.


  • Country: Pakistan
  • Test site: Ras Koh Hills, Chagai, Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Period: May 1998
  • Number of tests: 5
  • Test type: Underground tests
  • Device type: Fission / Fusion
  • Max. yield: 40 kilotons of TNT (170 TJ)

Dr Samar says

As the Asian nation has already achieved deterrence and created a balance of power in sub-continent. when its palmy nuclear tests twenty-one years agone, it’s time to divert resources towards the economic development of the country. Believes known man of science Dr Samar Mubarakmand – World Health Organization contend an important role in achieving nuclear standing for the Asian nation.

In AN interview with the state. Dr Samar is aforementioned that the title of nuclear standing not solely brought ‘respect’ for the Asian nation. however, additionally ruined Indian dream of dominating within the region.

Recollecting his recollections of might twenty-eight, 1998. once the Asian nation tested its nuclear bomb. Dr Samar is aforementioned that it absolutely was 03:16 pm once the button for the atomic takes a look at was ironed and next thirty-five seconds. became nerves breaking for scientists gift at the nuclear take a look at the web site at Chaghi.

We knew the pc would take thirty-five seconds to detonate the bomb however nothing happened. Another six seconds later, a tremor was felt that was a powerful earthquake. That proclaimed to the complete world that the Asian nation has become a nuclear state he said.

The nuclear physicists describing the character of the blast aforementioned that. when the earthquake, 30-kilometre mountainous vary ab initio started changing into white and during a few moments the mountain was white like snow. “The spot wherever the bomb was put in became hot red.

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